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Dr. Amarilis Mendez, DNM, MPH, CIFM, CNHC

Doctor of Natural Medicine

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Natural and Holistic Health
Overcome the culture of disease. Counter Cultural Health can help you discover what is preventing you from expressing your ideal health and guide you through the process of achieving it through a holistic approach.

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How Can We Help You?

    Western culture has proven to be extremely detrimental to our health. With our sedentary lifestyle, synthetic foods, and chemically overloaded environment, it seems like only a matter of time before chronic disease takes over our bodies. At Counter Cultural Health we believe that by adopting a more health conscious lifestyle, we can overcome the culture of disease that surrounds us. Read more on our Philosophy Page.

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From Our Clients

    I was at a clinic for an upper respiratory tract infection and one of the lady’s working at the reception told me about Dr. Mendez and what she had been doing to lose weight and get healthy. After taking her advice, I was able to get over my upper respiratory tract infection and nausea without medication. I decided to go vegan, because I saw the results it had on the receptionist that told me about Dr. Mendez. I was previously told that I would not be able to have any more children because I was diagnosed with PCOS, and 6 months after becoming a vegan, I started taking herbs recommended by Dr. Mendez. Three months later I was pregnant with twins. My pregnancy went full term and my twins were born at a normal weight, which I was told is rare for twins.
      -Female 33, July 2015.

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