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About Us

Amarilis Méndez


Amarilis Méndez is extremely passionate about holistic healing and health education. She prides herself on being a lifetime student, always seeking to learn new ways to help others along their healing journey.

Her education in Biology, Public Health, Naturopathy, Integrative and Functional Medicine and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, along with her own healing journey from fibromyalgia, chronic anxiety and other conditions, has allowed her to help and inspire her clients to lead a countercultural lifestyle and overcome chronic illness.

Our Philosophy

The body can heal itself

The body is equipped with several mechanisms to maintain optimal function.

Each person has a unique biochemistry

Because our biological makeup is so specific to us, our nutritional needs, vitality, and expression of dysfunction is also unique.

Identify and treat the cause

The focus should be on identifying and addressing the cause of disease, and not merely suppression of symptoms.

Treat the person as a whole

A proper assessment will address all factors: nutrition, lifestyle, family history, genetic, environmental, emotional, physical and social.

The primary role of the doctor is to educate

The word “doctor” originates from the Greek word docēre, which means “to teach.”

Recommendations given by a doctor should only enhance or facilitate the body’s natural healing ability, and not disrupt these processes or put the individual at unnecessary risk.

Prevention is key.

My Testimony

“Before I discovered natural healing, I was a premedical student suffering from a variety of physical and emotional health issues. I was always tired, anxious, and in pain. I did not receive much hope from my doctors and did not create high expectations for my future. However, I did not want to settle for spending the rest of my life in bed depending on others.

It wasn’t until I was pursuing my master’s degree that I started to understand how important nutrition truly was to overall health and disease prevention, and it motivated me to see what progress I could experience just by making lifestyle changes. I saw significant improvements in my digestive issues, skin issues and pain levels, but I was still in a very dark place, spiritually and emotionally. I was still very fatigued and inconsistent with the changes I made. I studied the natural healing arts, instead of medicine, in hopes that I would find, there, the answers I did not get from my medical doctors.

Once I followed a holistic and functional approach to my healing, my life was transformed. My thoughts, emotions and behavior were just as important to my healing, as my diet and lifestyle. Today, I am not suffering from any of the chronic conditions I was previously diagnosed with, and I have made it my mission to give hope to others that are currently battling different health issues. I know that with the right tools, patience and persistence, their lives, also, can be transformed.”

– Amarilis Mendez

"I started to understand how important nutrition truly was to overall health and disease prevention..."

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