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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately our programs are not covered by medical insurances.

Since the programs are tailored to your needs, the prices may vary. Please give us a call and let us know which program you are interested in and we will provide you with pricing and payment options.

Yes. You have the option to pay your program in full or to split it into three automated payments.

No. Only your prescribing medical physician can tell you when to stop taking medication.

The blood work requested by most medical doctors is mostly for diagnostic purposes and not necessarily for finding the root causes of illness. Dr. Mendez will review any recent tests you have had and determine if any adjustments need to be made to the price of your program.

The majority of our tests do not require a blood draw. You will receive a kit and instructions over the mail for collecting samples and mailing them back to the lab. If they require a blood draw you will be given instructions as to where to go.

We believe that food should be your medicine and supplementing should, therefore, be minimal. A body that is in a healing crisis, and likely having digestive issues, should not be loaded with lots of supplements as this can be counterproductive and expensive.

The healing process is different for everyone and can range from weeks to years for complete healing. The majority of people, however, start to feel an improvement within the first month.

Yes. All of our online forms are encrypted and we do not record phone or video consultations.

It is our hope that you are able to complete the program and finally enjoy the health you have been seeking. However we understand sometimes difficult situations may arise. If that is the case, charges for services rendered will be prorated to determine your refund.

We have found over the years that individuals who commit to a program tend to stick to their health regimen, thereby increasing their chances of meeting their health goals. Because of this, we no longer have pay per visit options.

Yes. You can definitely pay for courses individually if you feel like there are only specific topics you are interested in.

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