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Dr. Amarilis Mendez, DNM, MPH, CIFM, CNHC

Doctor of Natural Medicine

Philosophy on Holistic Health and Client Services

CCH Philosophy: Reconsider how you treat yourself

A Counter Cultural Philosophy

    Western culture has proven to be extremely detrimental to our health. With our sedentary lifestyle, synthetic foods, and chemically overloaded environment, it seems like only a matter of time before chronic disease takes over our bodies. At Counter Cultural Health we believe that by adopting a more health conscious lifestyle, we can overcome the culture of disease that surrounds us. This belief is based on the following principles of Naturopathy and Functional Medicine:

    The body can heal itself. Like every other living thing, the human body thrives when in its original habitat; void of synthetic chemicals, processed foods, and unnatural lifestyle. The human body is constantly regenerating itself. All the cells in our body have a life span and new cells are continuously forming. The body is equipped with several mechanisms to maintain optimal function. When there is a disruption, the body creates a response to counter the threat. The more we deprive our body of its natural habitat, the more we weaken its life force.

Each person has a unique biochemistry

    Each person has a unique biochemistry. Because our biological makeup is so specific to us, our nutritional needs, vitality, and expression of dysfunction is also unique. This is why two people can have a very similar diet and lifestyle, but one person is thin and somewhat healthful, while the other person is overweight and suffering from chronic disease. Even people expressing the same condition can have a different cause and will therefore need to address their specific underlying issues and not the condition itself. It is important to identify and work with the cause. If you address the cause of an illness or condition then all associated symptoms will improve. If you focus on addressing the symptom, but the cause still remains, there can only be temporary improvement, if any at all.

    The primary role of the doctor is to educate. The word “doctor” originates from the Greek word docēre, which means “to teach”. In natural medicine, a doctor should teach others how the body’s healing system works and what options they have to facilitate or enhance it through the natural healing arts, which include: hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, nutrition, kinesiology, acupuncture, chiropractic, reflexology, physical therapy and others.

    Recommendations given by a doctor should only enhance or facilitate the body’s natural healing ability, and not disrupt these processes or put the individual at unnecessary risk.

    Prevention is key. Although healing is almost always within reach, the healing process can be long and frustrating for many. As difficult as it may be psychologically for some people to make necessary lifestyle changes when they feel well, the physical challenge may be even greater once the body has already been weakened and restricted by illness. Chronic disease and poor quality of life does not have to be a part of anyone's life. One can take advantage of the tools they have today to ensure a better future.

Client Services

Service offered: Full Holistic Assessment

What does a Full Holistic Assessment include?

Health Evaluation

This consultation provides a thorough medical history, assessment of body systems, Bioenergetics analysis, Kinesiology, an assessment of different lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, social life, emotional health, sleep hygiene, sun exposure, and more. By pinpointing areas of your life that may have adverse effects, we can create a personalized health plan that utilizes a holistic approach...

Weight Loss Assistance

Weight loss can be a struggle for many people. There is so much conflicting information about which diet is best for weight loss. Many go from diet to diet only to become frustrated when they see no progress or only temporary results. Rarely are diets and lifestyle changes centered on what caused the person to gain weight in the first place. They usually involve rigorous exercise and low calorie diets that leave you hungry and miserable. In our wellness consultation we can look for the cause of your specific weight issue and address it accordingly.

Disease Prevention

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin.

Leading a toxic lifestyle in this modern era is not uncommon, but with our training and guidance, you can counter the culture of bad health choices. We can identify habits within your life that can lead to destruction over time by evaluating and educating you on how to improve in the following areas:

  • leaf dotNutrition
  • leaf dotSleep hygiene
  • leaf dotPersonal Fitness
  • leaf dotStress management
  • leaf dotMental, emotional, and spiritual health

Functional Testing

We may suggest in house and/or laboratory functional testing to either confirm or reveal underlying physiological issues such as:

  • leaf dotIntestinal bacterial or candida overgrowth
  • leaf dotHormonal imbalances
  • leaf dotPoor liver detoxification
  • leaf dotFood intolerance
  • leaf dotMetabolic issues and more

We can interpret other lab tests to determine your optimal versus normal results. By identifying the source (or sources) of stress and illness, we can focus our efforts on underlying problems, which in turn, may impact other areas of your well-being.

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Service offered: Nutrition consultation

What does a Nutrition Assessment include?

Dietary Evaluation

It is crucial to understand your individual body's needs, as well as its triggers. People have suffered from food sensitivities and intolerances unbeknownst to them, only to attempt diet changes with no results toward a healthier body, because they didn't eliminate what was toxic to them. This consultation evaluates your health history and your current diet, and creates a plan unique to your needs.

Service offered: Functional Testing

What does Functional Testing include?

Functional Testing

Functional tests examine blood, urine, hair, saliva, or stool. The focus of these tests is not to diagnose disease, but to detect areas where the body is not functioning properly. These areas of dysfunction are the underlying causes of disease...

Here are some of the most commonly ordered tests:

  • leaf dotMetabolic Analysis Profile: This urine test evaluates four central areas of metabolism: gastrointestinal functional, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter processing, and amino acid balance. This test is recommended for everyone but especially for those with weight issues, fatigue, digestive issues, or anyone seeking dietary guidance.
  • leaf dotComprehensive Adrenal Panel/Hormone Panels: These tests are recommended for anyone with Fatigue, mood swings, irregular or painful menstruation, salt cravings, Infertility and others.
  • leaf dotComprehensive Nutritional Profile: This urine test is a functional assessment of vitamins, mineral, amino acids and cofactors.
  • leaf dotFood intolerances: This blood test checks for food sensitivities that can be an underlying cause of Migraines, Weight Issues, Acne, Chronic pain, Digestive issues and many other conditions.
  • leaf dotComprehensive Stool Analysis: This test analyzes the overall health of your digestive tract and is recommended for anyone with: IBS, Crohn's , Colitis, Celiac Disease, Heartburn, Acid Reflux, or any unexplained gut issues.
  • leaf dotHeavy Metal Analysis: This is a hair analysis to reveal toxic element exposure. This is recommended for anyone with: Autism, ADHD, Thyroid conditions, autoimmune disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Cancer and any Psychiatric conditions.

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Service offered: Meal Preparation

What does Meal Preparation include?

Meal Preparation

This is for individuals who know they would like a more healthful diet but either don’t have or want to invest the time into preparing these meals. We can create a meal plan specific to your needs and have the meals prepared and ready for you to pick up.

Service offered: Lifestyle Management

What does Lifestyle Management mean?

Support Systems

With a proper health evaluation conducted, we can provide you with the tools and education to implement your health plan into your life. It's not easy making a lifestyle change on your own, but with our support, you can be confident in your ability to succeed...

How We Support You

  • leaf dotEmail or call with any questions: Every client is given my contact information for help after the consultation, which means that you can ask questions and receive help in between consultations.
  • leaf dotSystem of accountability: We follow up with you to see if you are having any difficulty working towards your goals. We want to assist you as much as possible in this process.
  • leaf dotJoin our email list services: Lifestyle management assistance offers our clients information and resources on local health shopping, events, seminars... etc, that they may not be aware they have access to. Staying up to date with this type of information grants clients extra outlets to following through with recommendations given by the doctor between appointments.
  • leaf dotResource Directory: We can give you information about where to purchase foods and supplements, what restaurants offer health conscious options if you’d like to eat out, etc.
  • leaf dotReferrals: If you need any additional help to reach your health goals, we can refer you to other specialists to provide you with the care you need.
  • leaf dotMore: If there is anything else you need assistance with we will do our best to meet your need or find someone who can.
Service offered: Prenatal Counseling

What is included in Prenatal Counseling?

Holistic Prenatal Counseling

This consultation is for women seeking to learn the holistic approach to pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care. A nutrition assessment of the mother to be will be performed and she will receive information and recommendations on any of the following areas:

  • leaf dotExercise
  • leaf dotNutrition
  • leaf dotRelief from common pregnancy symptoms
  • leaf dotNatural birth
  • leaf dotBreastfeeding
  • leaf dotNewborn / Infant care
  • leaf dotWeaning
  • leaf dotVaccines and more

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From Our Clients

    On November 2013, I was diagnosed with genital herpes and prescribed Valtrex for my outbreaks. I took Valtrex twice for my outbreaks and got seizures each time. After my last outbreak in November 2014, I decided to seek Dr. Mendez advice because I didn’t want to take Valtrex anymore. I have followed her supplement recommendations everyday and have not had an outbreak since.
      -Female 27, May 2016.

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