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Female, Type II Diabetes

At the age of 28 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on medication and then at the age of 34, I was diagnosed with diabetes and also put on medication. I also had high cholesterol and I used to have a lot of skin rashes along with a lot of stomach pains. I was clearly very unhealthy and overweight. Then I join Dr. Mendez Program which she customized for me personally. In less than 6 months I was 50 pounds less and taken off my diabetes medication as my A1c numbers were that of a non-diabetic patient. My blood pressure was normal, my stomach pains went away and the rashes disappeared. I continued my customized program per Dr. Mendez and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. I am very thankful to have found Dr. Mendez and her program.

Kerry, Hormonal Imbalance

In my mid-twenties I started experiencing a weird sensation on my right breast before my period was due. Also, my period kept coming later and later. I went to the doctors and they told me I had low levels of T-4 and that I can have fertility issues down the road if I didn’t start taking medication for my thyroid. So Dr. Mendez had me do some cleansing and take some supplements that I was missing in my diet until I was able to achieve that with my diet. She also showed me what was best for me to consume and what foods I should avoid. I started feeling more energized after eating and my mood was also better. I haven’t had the lump come back anymore and my period started becoming regular. I even had a successful pregnancy. (See my pregnancy testimony) You sit there and you think well I feel good. I’m not in any pain but there are so many benefits to seeing a naturopath. To maintain your health and most importantly to correct the issues that are causing your symptoms so that you aren’t just suppressing with medications. That’s what I learned from Dr. Mendez. She’s also a very cool down to earth doctor and makes you feel super comfortable and she is a great teacher. Everyone can benefit from natural healing.

Lidia, Mother of Teen with Eczema

My husband and I had been searching for help. Our daughter has suffered from Eczema since she was an infant and allergies after going to her pediatrician, dermatologist and allergist and nothing had helped her. My husband began to search for a Holistic Dr. and came across Dr. Mendez. I called Dr. Mendez office and made an appointment so my daughter could be evaluated and for her advice. Dr. Mendez gave us her thoughts, advice, and what exactly to do. A week after seeing the Dr. we began to notice the difference in her health. Her skin was clearing up, allergies were less and our daughter was so happy to see how her health was improving just by following Dr. Mendez advice. My family is so thankful for everything she has taught us and continues to do so. We are so happy with her service and her staff.

Jessy, Weight Issues

I have been struggling with weight loss and weight gain ever since I can remember. I tried several weight loss “miracles“ but always ended up gaining the weight back. However, with the help of Dr. Mendez I embarked on a new journey. I decided to change my lifestyle for the good. My health has been declining over the years and my body could no longer support my unhealthy eating habits. After 10 months I was 55lbs lighter than when I started. During the first month, I lost 12lbs. The weight loss has been slow but steady. Overall I’ve lost over 10 years' worth of weight gain. I feel better than I have in a very long time. I have learned how to heal myself in ways I did not even know before. As well as helping others do the same. I recommend Dr. Mendez to everyone, especially people who need/want help making the lifestyle change and bettering themselves.

Rafa, Allergies, Chronic Sinusitis & Acid Reflux

I went to see Dr. Mendez for help with acid reflux, allergies, and chronic sinusitis. Before I used to take medication to reduce the symptoms, but they never went away fully. I was able to see a 90% improvement with lifestyle modifications and changing my thought process and behavior. To be honest I only followed like 50% of her recommendations. I also lost weight and made it to my ideal weight. What I did not expect was to improve in so many areas of my life. I used to hold things in and then lash out in destructive behavior when I was overwhelmed. I have a tendency to eat from anxiety and frustration and I eat bad foods of course. I understood why I was so insecure and easily manipulated. I came for health issues, but now I have also learned to evaluate my emotions before I act on them. I am getting better each day.

Male, Insomnia

I was seeking help for my insomnia, weight issues, and inflammation. I have tried different diets and exercises, but it was hard to be consistent and I would always gain more weight after. I was having trouble falling asleep and when I slept I would wake up and eat in the middle of the night. Dr. Mendez helped me realize I was having blood sugar issues, even though I am not diabetic causing me to be irritable and not sleep. After just one month of changing my eating I had already lost weight, I was sleeping through the night and I didn’t have as much muscular tension or inflammation.

Teresa, Mother of a Son with Autism

I had 3 children when I first started consulting Dr. Mendez. I was not sure at first because I never met her in person since I live out of the country but I wanted to give it a try. My biggest concern was my oldest son. He WAS non-verbal autistic, very picky eater, very aggressive. I have seen every doctor and they cannot help. He was taking medication for anxiety, medication for constipation, medication for allergies, and medication every year when he gets sick. Dr. Mendez ordered different tests to help find out what was causing my son’s inflammation. She recommended some changes to his diet, but it was so hard he didn’t want a change. I would cry and almost quit. She was also so patient with me when I was angry and mean to her (which I found out I had a toxic liver making me a mean person) and reassuring. I wanted to see BIG results fast. I did not want to wait months or a year. After a while, I start to learn to make the foods taste good for my son and I start eliminating all the trigger foods and giving supplements. First, my son’s constipation stopped. After that, I notice flu season he did not get sick and every year he is sick. Later that year my son gets angry and he calls me MAE. I had never heard my son call me mom. I started crying I was so happy. Today my son can say different phrases. He is doing better in school. He does not take medication and I know this is just the beginning. Now I have hope that my son can be independent one day and take care of himself when I am not around. Also, I don’t have to worry that he is on so many drugs and that he will be dependant all his life. I used to think there is no help for autism, but seeing the change in my son's health and temperament I have decided to make changes for the whole family and myself. I had a surprise pregnancy that I did not plan and I felt secure everything would be fine with Dr. Mendez guidance. I know that my son will continue to get better and my new hope I owe to Dr. Mendez. Thank you for being patient, for not giving up on my family, and for being so good at teaching us. I try to teach everyone in my life everything that I have been learning from her and I see changes in other people's lives too. Natural healing is real and it works. It takes time, sometimes a lot of time, and hard work but WOW it is worth it.

Female, COVID-19

I had chills, body aches, cough, headache, I felt really weak, I felt burning sensation in my nose and in my chest then I lost my sense of smell and taste. I also lost my appetite and had breathing issues; like breathing heavily. I was really stressed, scared, I started to panic because I thought I was going to die. I was diagnosed with COVID19 after starting care with Dr. Mendez for other health issues and a poor immune system. I started to tell myself that I could not end up in the hospital because I was never going to come out and I would never see my kids again. When I got tested I was advised to take Gatorade, Pedialyte, Gingerale to keep myself hydrated, and Tylenol for the Fever and pain. Instead, I followed Dr. Mendez recommendations for helping my immune and respiratory system. Within 5-7 days I felt like I was almost back to my normal self (to my surprise because I had a bad immune system due to other conditions) and because my symptoms are almost completely gone I feel at ease. Dr. Mendez recommendations were most helpful. She did not only help me physically to overcome the symptoms that I was having but she also helped me emotionally and guided me through this horrible journey of the COVID-19. The body has the ability to heal itself we just have to eat the right foods, exercise, and take natural ingredients and supplements.

Alex, Pain & Structural Injuries

I was assaulted and suffered several fractures and injuries. I have a kidney condition and cannot take drugs but my pain was too much. Dr. Mendez helped me learn all the different things I can do naturally for pain relief and to help my body heal from the injuries. Now one month later I am already walking again. I was told it would be many months. I have very little pain. My physical therapist is shocked at how fast I am healing. I also have a very little swelling, no nausea or fatigue symptoms that I used to have because of my kidney issues.

Female, Infertility

I was at a clinic for an upper respiratory tract infection and one of the lady’s working at the reception told me about Dr. Mendez and what she had been doing to lose weight and get healthy. After taking her advice, I was able to get over my upper respiratory tract infection and nausea without medication. I decided to go vegan because I saw the results it had on the receptionist that told me about Dr. Mendez. I was previously told that I would not be able to have any more children because I was diagnosed with PCOS, and 6 months after becoming a vegan, I started taking herbs recommended by Dr. Mendez. Three months later I was pregnant with twins. My pregnancy went full term and my twins were born at a normal weight, which I was told is rare for twins.

Frank, High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

I'm a 52-year-old skeptic. Imagine my first reaction when my son was bugging me about changing my eating habits and how much better I will feel afterward. Naturally, I asked him what he was talking about. He went on to say that he had been on a vegan diet for about a month and he was feeling much better and more energetic. "Vegan?," I said, "I'm not doing away with pork; no way, no how. It won't work for me." I remember thinking, I do not need this because my hypertension, high cholesterol, and acid reflux are all under control with medications. None the less, he kept insisting for weeks. I thought about it and sure that it was not going to work, I decided to "just play along", that I was going to give it a try. I figured this much:

1. Once it fails I will have proof that my skepticism was well placed.

2. But, if it were to work somehow, I would be healthier.

So, as my son recommended, I consulted with and followed Dr. Mendez advice and recommendations. Within six months, I had dropped 25 pounds, my cholesterol level was below 180, my blood pressure had normalized to around 115/75 and my acid reflux was gone. After consulting with my cardiologist and internal medicine Medical Doctor, I was no longer in need of medications. Now that I am healthy I can have organic meat on rare occasions without it affecting my health. Thank you, Dr. Mendez, for teaching me a healthier way of living with no need for medications!

Female, Migraines, Poor Immunity, Digestive Issues

I had suffered from severe migraines since the age of seven. I was always at the doctor's trying new medications for my migraine condition. I also suffered from very bad constipation, not to mention that I always had a sore throat and always had the flu at least three times during the flu season even though I always received the "flu vaccine ". During this time in my life that I was always sick, I became very stressed out and depressed and started eating a lot of junk food, which just added to my list of health issues. Not only did I become overweight, I also started getting very sharp cramps in my upper abdominal region.

Two different doctors said I would need to remove my gallbladder and another that I had an ulcer. At this point, I became overwhelmed and even more depressed and started talking to Dr. Mendez about my health issues and she advised me to bring her a copy of my blood work. Once she saw the blood work she gave me a list of supplements and recommended a raw vegan diet for me to try. At first, I was like, “oh boy no meat” but then I said to myself, “it's not that serious it's just for 1 month until I lose weight and my stomach cramps go away”. (I wasn't even thinking about my migraines). So I went for it and during the first 4 days I wanted to hang myself from the ceiling because I needed meat and my headache was very intense, but that was my body detoxing all the trash.

Basically I haven't taken any more ibuprofen, phentermine, diuretics, sumatriptan, rizatriptan, topiramate, oxycodone, or Dramamine. I have no more migraines, no more stomach cramps, no ulcer, and no gallbladder removal. I haven't had the flu since I started my new lifestyle (no more flu shot). I am definitely not constipated anymore. I lost a lot of weight and still going at it. Thanks to Dr. Mendez, I don't run to the pharmacy when I have a cold, allergies, sore throat, or postnasal drip. She has taught me many natural alternatives to over the counter drugs.

I have learned a great deal from Dr. Mendez and it has helped me not only in my health but also has helped me save time and money (copayments at doctors, hospitals, pharmacies). Dr. Mendez has not only supported me physically but also spiritually, emotionally, and mentally with my depression and anxiety. She is always there to cheer me up and giving me the extra push I need to help me with my new lifestyle. Every time I have questions or doubts about anything she is available, unlike my other doctors. Dr. Mendez is extremely smart. She is the type of person that cares about your well being and genuinely wants to see everyone have a healthy physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being. She does not give up and is very determined. She values her work and is very professional and welcoming. She is trustworthy and she follows her own advice in her life and not only does she tell you but you can see it for yourself once you meet her. I am very blessed to have been given the opportunity to meet a person like Dr. Mendez.

Female, Mother of a Baby with Acid Reflux

A couple of weeks after my daughter was born, she developed a bad heat rash and Dr. Mendez told me what I can do naturally to allow the skin to heal on its own. My baby’s skin rash completely went away and now she has clear skin. She was also suffering from acid reflux and colic. She would scream in pain all night leaving me distressed. She was completely breastfed, never had any vaccines or formula, and Dr. Mendez told me what changes to make to my diet so that she could have relief. I even learned how my emotions and environment were also affecting my baby’s health.

Female, Vertigo & Menopause

I decided to start a cleanse to give my family support. After a week I was looking for information about a healthier lifestyle. I saw Dr. Mendez and she evaluated my lifestyle and health and gave me several recommendations. After a short time, I noticed my dizziness that I had regularly was gone, as well as my menopause symptoms. I also was not constipated anymore. Dr. Mendez was always available to assist me and answer my questions.

Female, Panic Attacks & Anxiety

Dr. Mendez helped me during a very difficult time in my life with menopause. I was having panic attacks and anxiety that did not let me eat or sleep. She gave me recommendations for diet, exercise, supplements, and counseling with my emotional issues. I also had a situation where I went to the emergency room with really sharp pain, and the doctors told me that my intestines were full. I contacted the doctor right away and she gave me a cleansing raw diet and other recommendations and that same night I felt relief. I am so grateful for everything she has taught me about nutrition and not depending on medication to be healthy since they cover symptoms and can sometimes cause even more problems.

Kerry, Prenatal Program

The best thing I have ever done for myself was seeing Dr. Mendez. I have two children. My first pregnancy was not a healthy one. I even delivered at 36 weeks and had a baby in the NICU. The second time I thought to do things differently. Dr. Mendez taught me the importance of prepping my body for pregnancy and not just mine but my partner as well. I started seeing her and after a few consultations, I was feeling great. Some things I was dealing with hormonally went away. (See my other testimony, I see her a lot!) I ended up moving and becoming pregnant. I still was seeing Dr. Mendez remotely. She has great availability btw. We did some phone consults and video. I’m really glad that she has that option. Even when I lived there I did a lot of phone consultations which is very helpful. She gave me a lot of prenatal counseling. We worked on preparing for our health goals, which she showed me how to do while being pregnant and having those crazy cravings, like for instance lowering my blood sugars. My first pregnancy the baby had IUGR meaning there was a placenta issue. Dr. Mendez had me on a vitamin c protocol and my baby stood with me till 39 weeks and 2 days so I had a successful full-term baby with natural labor and no Pitocin this time! Another big goal was breastfeeding. That was something that was really important for me. My first baby, unfortunately, I was unable to breastfeed because I didn’t have the support or understand how it all worked. So by the time I delivered my second baby she was latching after half an hour! I felt so confident in my ability to breastfeed and I had a lot of support and knowledge. She encouraged me to love myself and my pregnancy body. She even helped me with a recommendation of oils to prepare for delivery by use of perineal massage. She recommended I do it and with her instructions, I learned this technique and I was able to give birth to a 7lb 1 ounce baby with no rips or tears. Hello, can you say amazing!? For my first baby, they had cut me wide open and she was just 4 lbs. So I felt like a superwoman after. Ok, let’s get into the drugs. Sike I didn’t have any! Ok, I felt so empowered knowing that I can handle this. I was made for this. I went the natural option which is the best option of course. I had been mentally planning with Dr. Mendez and when the time came I didn’t even scream for the meds like they do and scare you on TV. I did it and you can totally do it. It’s what we are made for. By the way, she’s not only coaching me but my partner as well that’s really important. I actually texted her first before my family notifying her I gave birth because I felt it was something we accomplished together and without her, I don’t know what the outcome could have been given my history with my first pregnancy. So if you’re thinking about giving naturopathy a try, definitely invest in some sessions, take the information and continue to learn and see Dr. Mendez for anything you have and even if you feel completely healthy. My whole family sees her. Wow so looking back at everything and after writing this I can’t believe we were able to achieve all these goals together especially after being told by the doctor that I would be facing infertility issues because of my hormones and that I might need to take medication every day. With that being said Thank you Dr. Mendez my family appreciates you! I look forward to having continued care with you and my fam.

Teresa, Prenatal Program

I have learned that every pregnancy, every labor, and every baby can be different. We have more control than doctors let us think. I had my baby boy at 38 weeks! I had a home birth. My labor was really fast so the contractions start very strong and painful. I had an 8lb boy no tears no stitches needed with Dr. Mendez essential oil blend. I was not able to stay as calm as I wanted but I did it! I am breastfeeding only and I love it. I healed very fast, maybe also because it was not my first baby. Before I was told don’t carry baby they will get spoiled all these lies people believe. I learned the facts and how we are carry mammals and what that means. My son is not spoiled now; he crawls and is independent, happy, he almost never cries. He is confident because I gave him the comfort and support he needed instead of leaving him crying all day. Even though I was scared at first I had a healthy pregnancy, fast labor, and a healthy happy baby. (My first healthy baby out of 4 babies) Thank you once again, Dr. Mendez, for all the advice, support, encouragement, and sometimes "reality check" when I do stupid things. Haha!

Mely, Prenatal Program

Although I did not take Dr. Mendez's full-prenatal program (I wish I had) I want to share my experience on how she helped me with my pregnancy. Unfortunately, I had to take the traditional Hospital Labor class (which by the way left me feeling very scared, unprepared, and doubtful). Luckily I was able to consult Dr. Mendez for nutrition and emotional care during and after my pregnancy. I was having some dilation issues prior to the delivery of my child, which Dr. Mendez helped me resolve but unfortunately, I was still scheduled for a mandatory c-section because my baby was expected to be 12lbs. At this point, my birth plan went down the drain. I was unprepared and I was anxious. Little did I know that Dr. Mendez had a back-up plan for me just in case a c-section happened (which I will always be thankful for). She was there for me helping me manage my anxiety and fear prior to and during the delivery of my child. By the way, my daughter was only just over 7lbs when she was born which reminded me of when Dr. Mendez taught in class that going the hospital route makes it more likely that you will have an unnecessary c-section. While I was at the hospital the only medication I had was whatever they administered prior to the c-section. I didn’t need to take any medication, nothing at all I was not in pain (well I only had nipple pain from breastfeeding which Dr. Mendez also helped me with). I know this was because of my diet. During my stay at the hospital, I was fortunate enough to get a visit from Dr. Mendez, and while at the hospital she was able to help me with my nutrition as well as examine my breastfeeding technique and give me tips on how to get my milk supply. I’m glad I was at least able to take her nutrition course and have her ongoing support because if not for that I would have had to stay at the hospital for up to 1 week and I probably would of just formula fed my newborn and never got my milk supply since that is what I felt pressured to do in the hospital. If I had to choose between a hospital labor course or Dr. Mendez's prenatal program I would choose Dr. Mendez because she helped me more with my pregnancy and newborn care than the hospital courses or ob/GYN. By the way, my daughter and I are still patients of Dr. Mendez and will continue to be. She is truly amazing she listens and cares about her patients. Thank you, Dr. Mendez, for always going above and beyond for me and my family.

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