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Dra. Amarilis Méndez, DNM, MPH, CIFM, CNHC

Doctora de Medicina Natural

Testimonios de clientes


La Dra. Méndez ha estado sirviendo clientes y ayudándolos a llevar estilos de vida más saludables de una manera natural desde el 2014. Para mostrar cómo Counter Cultural Health ha ayudado a otros, tenemos testimonios de los clientes anteriores y actuales.

    Decidí comenzar una desintoxicación para apoyar a mi familia. Al final de los 7 días, comencé a buscar información sobre un estilo de vida saludable. Hable con la Dra. Méndez y ella analizo mi estilo de vida y my salud, y sugirió modificaciones en mi dieta y mi estilo de vida sedentario. Después de un corto tiempo observe que ya no tenía los episodios de mareos, ni los horribles síntomas de la menopausia. Ahora ya no tengo mis problemas de estreñimiento, ni tomo medicamentos. La Dra. Méndez siempre estuvo dispuesta a asistirme y a responder a todas mis preguntas. - Mujer 52, Enero 2015

    La Dra. Méndez me ayudo mucho durante un tiempo en mi vida muy difícil con la menopausia. También tenía unos ataques de pánico y ansiedad, los cuales no me dejaban dormir y no podía comer. La Dra. Méndez me ayudo con ejercicios, consejos, suplementos, y nutrición. En otra ocasión más reciente tenía unos dolores muy fuertes que no me aguanté. Fui al hospital y me dijeron que mi intestino estaba lleno de excreta. Entonces decidí ir a donde la Dra. Méndez. Ella me dio una dieta verde y me dijo otras cosas que debería hacer, las cuales las hice y en una noche yo empecé a sentir alivio. Estoy muy agradecida con la Dra. Méndez por todo lo que me enseño sobre la nutrición y a no depender en los medicamentos que dan los doctores los cuales muchas veces te dan más problemas médicos. - Mujer 55, Julio 2016

    I was at a clinic for an upper respiratory tract infection and one of the lady’s working at the reception told me about Dr. Méndez and what she had been doing to lose weight and get healthy. After taking her advice, I was able to get over my upper respiratory tract infection and nausea without medication. I decided to go vegan, because I saw the results it had on the receptionist that told me about Dr. Méndez. I was previously told that I would not be able to have any more children because I was diagnosed with PCOS, and 6 months after becoming a vegan, I started taking herbs recommended by Dr. Méndez. Three months later I was pregnant with twins. My pregnancy went full term and my twins were born at a normal weight, which I was told is rare for twins. - Female 33, July 2015

    Written by a mother: I had suffered from severe migraines since the age of seven. I was always at the doctors trying new medications for my migraine condition. I also suffered from very bad constipation, not to mention that I always had a sore throat and always had the flu at least three times during the flu season even though I always received the "flu vaccine ". During this time in my life that I was always sick I became very stressed out and depressed and started eating a lot of junk food, which just added to my list of health issues. Not only did I become overweight, I also started getting very sharp cramps in my upper abdominal region...
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Two different doctors said I would need to remove my gallbladder and another that I had an ulcer. At this point I became overwhelmed and even more depressed and started talking to Dr. Méndez about my health issues and she advised me to bring her a copy of my blood work. Once she saw my blood work she gave me a list of supplements and recommended a raw vegan diet for me to try. At first I was like, “oh boy no meat” but then I said to myself, “it's not that serious it's just for 1 month until I lose weight and my stomach cramps go away”. (I wasn't even thinking about my migraines). So I went for it and during the first 4 days I wanted to hang myself from the ceiling because I needed meat and my headache was very intense, but that was my body detoxing all the trash.

Basically I haven't taken anymore ibuprofen, phentermine, diuretics, sumatriptan, rizatriptan, topiramate, oxycodone, or dramamine. I have no more migraines, no more stomach cramps, no ulcer, and no gallbladder removal. I haven't had the flu since I started my new lifestyle (no more flu shot). I am definitely not constipated anymore. I lost a lot of weight and still going at it. Thanks to Dr. Méndez I don't run to the pharmacy when I have the cold, allergies, sore throat, or post nasal drip. She has taught me many natural alternatives to over the counter drugs.

I have learned a great deal from Dr. Méndez and it has helped me not only in my health but also has helped me save time and money (copayments at doctors, hospitals, pharmacies). Dr. Méndez has not only supported me physically but also spiritually, emotionally and mentally with my depression and anxiety. She is always there to cheer me up and giving me the extra push I need to help me with my new lifestyle. Every time I have questions or doubts about anything she is available unlike my other doctors. Dr. Méndez is extremely smart. She is the type of person that cares about your well being and genuinely wants to see everyone have a healthy physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being. She does not give up and is very determined. She values her work and is very professional and welcoming. She is trustworthy and she follows her own advice in her life and not only does she tell you but you can see it for yourself once you meet her. I am very blessed to have been given the opportunity to meet a person like Dr. Méndez.

    Written on behalf of her infant daughter: A couple weeks after I was born, I developed a bad heat rash and Dr. Méndez told my mom which oils to rub on my skin to allow it to heal on its own. My rash completely went away and I now have clear skin. I also started suffering from acid reflux. I would scream in pain all night leaving my mother distressed. I am completely breast fed, never had any vaccines or formula, and Dr. Méndez told my mom what teas she should add to her diet so that I could have relief from my acid reflux. Ever since my mom started following her advice, I don’t scream out in pain anymore. - Mother 29 years old & Daughter 11 weeks old, April 2014

    I'm a 52 year old skeptic. Imagine my first reaction when my son was bugging me about changing my eating habits and how much better I will feel afterwards. Naturally, I asked him what he was talking about. He went on to say that he had been on a vegan diet for about a month and he was feeling much better and more energetic. "Vegan?," I said, "I'm not doing away with pork; no way, no how. It won't work for me." I remember thinking, I do not need this because my hypertension, high cholesterol, and acid reflux are all under control with medications. None the less, he kept insisting for weeks. I thought about it and sure that it was not going to work, I decided to "just play along", that I was going to give it a try. I figured this much: ...
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  1. Once it fails I will have proof that my skepticism was well placed.
  2. But, if it were to work somehow, I would be healthier.

So, as my son recommended, I consulted with and followed Dr. Méndez advise and recommendations. Within six months, I had dropped 25 pounds, my cholesterol level was below 180, my blood pressure had normalized to around 115/75 and my acid reflux was gone. After consulting with my cardiologist and internal medicine Medical Doctor, I was no longer in need of medications. Now that I am healthy I can have organic meat on rare occasions without it affecting my health. Thank you Dr. Méndez for teaching me a healthier way of living with no need for medications! - Male 52, January 2016

    On November 2013, I was diagnosed with genital herpes and prescribed Valtrex for my outbreaks. I took Valtrex twice for my outbreaks and got seizures each time. After my last outbreak in November 2014, I decided to seek Dr. Méndez advice because I didn’t want to take Valtrex anymore. I have followed her supplement recommendations everyday and have not had an outbreak since. - Female 27, May 2016

    With Dr. Méndez help I no longer have to take over the counter medications. I am a breast feeding mother and do not want to take medications full of chemicals and harmful side effects for myself and my baby. Her natural remedies work amazingly. I personally feel it works better than over the counter medication. The fact that I can get rid of my ailments naturally is amazing. - Female 29, March 2016

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